What Peoples Say…

The script is just suitable for me. I have used it for a number of clients and they just love it, Great job.
Segun Eletu, Sproutek Solutions Limited, Lagos, Nigeria, www.sproutng.com
Purchase with total confidence! AZ stands behind this extremely well written script with fast, expert customer service. They didn’t just advise us on how to tailor the script for our unique situation, they did it for us and within only a few minutes of inquiring. That is just completely unprecedented customer service within the tech industry. The scripts themselves are versatile, extremely detailed, completely customizable, and priced well below what they should be. Thank you guys so much!
Larry DePippa, Accent Building Products.com
Super simple to setup and even easy to customize – perfect solution for webcam photos automatically uploaded to an ftp server – even allowed me to add a custom header menu! thanks a bunch for the script!
Bradley Waddell, FLEXquarters.com Limited, Hong Kong
The online tech support is fantastic. I wish more companies were like this in that regard. I hate having to call in and be transferred multiple times. Online is the way to go and they really understand that here.
Eliza Winters, http://www.mytechteam.net
Awesome ZIPCODE lookup software, works great right away, easy to install even for a novice and the results are first class – far better than the subscription services out there that charge by the month. Support is rapid and first rate also … this program is a steal and the staff behind it are world class … BUY IT NOW!!!
Chris Moon, HigherFi.com, Sarasota, FL, www.HigherFi.com
Finally I found my demand after the trouble of constant search of several months. Between the purchase , the attempts and losses money. I found this script where all I ask of functions . Thank you
Yousif, Saudi Arabia
I want to say that I love your script it’s dead simple to use for PHP n00bs like myself, congratulations on making a great script.
dhanya, cutsystechnologies, trivandrum
Great script and more over, after sales service is awesome. I’m really lucky that I purchase store locator from this site.
Puneet Jain, Durlabh Computers Pvt. Ltd., India
I have been searching for the perfect photo gallery for a long time, one that I can style to match client websites and is easy and intuitive to use. My search led to AZ Photo Gallery and I couldn’t be more pleased. After some study to understand the styles and a few trial and error modifications, I have found the gallery appearance to be fairly easy to modify via CSS. What a great tool to provide clients the ability to manage their own photo galleries. I definitely recommend the unlimited license for developers.
Peggy E. Hartman-Shields, Projects by Peggy, Inc., Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania USA, www.projectsbypeggy.com
this is the best photo script that exist. supppor it is super fast and excellent. thanks
tvcubana.tv, www.tvcubana.tv
I’ve searched for a gallery like this for a couple of years now. I approached the staff with a few questions before purchase and they were quickly addresses! The support team is awesome! The even offered to customize some features and all in all walked me thru the set up! BUY THIS GALLERY!
Jason Anderson, The Velvet Nights LLC, Charlotte NC, www.thevelvetnights.com
After researching a few sites and forums on store locator scripts I read about AZ PHP and was inpressed with the demo and how easy it looked to install as a novice. My questions and support were answered swiftly and definatley surpassed my expectations and thier call of duty. Thank you Zak for making this exactly what I needed..where I needed it. This was well worth the price, I highly recommend AZ.
Pam, Album Options, www.shopalbumoptions.com
This is the best Photo Gallery I have used. I am really glad I bought it. Wonderful support too, thank you!
AZ Store Locator delivers as promised. Installation required a little help but support was excellent. Great value here. I would highly recommend!
Tom Stockard, Cirrus Vacuum, USA, http://www.cirrusvacuum.com/
Thank you so much for all of your help. Your customer service is unbelievable. You have made this so easy that I would definitely use this product for other customer sites. Thank You
Chelsie Lang
Thank you for your product. It was easy to configure and very easy to use. We incorporated the script into our website to allow our customers to search for the nearest scooter repair shop in their area. Thank You once again. Javier
Javier Acosta, ScooterPartsPro, Ontario, California USA, www.scooterpartspro.com
My client required a customized version of the zip code locator and PHP4Script came through!!! I highly recommend this company, their products and most of all, there services!!! Guys worked with me to ensure that my specifications were met in a timly mannor and exactly as per my requirements.
Grant McBride, Wavmixer, Los Angeles, California, USA, http://www.wavmixer.com
I just wanted to say I now have had my Gallery for almost two years and I still love it. With the add on that were built for my I have a full working site with out any 3 party code. I have one admin login and have my Blog, Gallery, Contact page, and any other page wish to added. Thank you guys again for the Great Code
JoshuaJRay, http://www.joshuajray.com
I purchased the zip code locator and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Although I found lots of potential solutions all were way over-priced and none were as straight forward and simple to admin or customize as the one from php4script.com. But more importantly, you judge a company on how well they support their users after purchase and php4script.com does an AMAZING job!!! Support emails are answered quickly and professionally. Even when I needed things to work just a little different than they were set up to work the guys at php4script.com supplied me with an updated file quickly and in a professional manner. You can’t loose with php4script.com! In the future I’ll always check here first before spending money elsewhere.
Patrick, Yellow Dog Design, Inc., http://www.yellowdog-design.com
The assistance was spectacular. I asked for help and the response was immediate.
David, Nelsons USA, Wilmington, MA
Great product! I purchased AZ Photo Gallery and very satisfied with script and support. Thanks guys!
John Cresby
Purchased the zip code locator script, and had a small install issue. Support responded to my email and fixed it in minutes. Thank you.
Bill Strauss, AVSights.com, California
Thank you for a great photo gallery script that is simple, fulfills the needs, customizable and easy to use and manage. Thank you for your quick response when we had questions and customer service!
M. Yee, NexusBridge, Fremont, California, www.nexusbridge.net/gallery
I love this script! I use it for most of my clients who want to upload images themselfs. Its soo simple for the client. Thanks Php4Script!
Sarah Charlton, RKcom Web Design, Michigan, http://www.rkcomwebdesign.com/
AZ Photo Album is a fine product and the service is excellent. I want to take this opportunity to thank Support Team for his delicated assistance to help setting up the gallery
Babu, HostOn24, www.hoston24.com
Awesome script. The installment and administration is so simple and is possible to fit every site. The customor service is great too, any help is given. Special thanks.
Jonas Christensen, Aalborg – Denmark, www.cafevesteraa.dk
Excellent album Script worth the price and features.Great customer support. They Answered all my emails without any delays regarding installation and set up.I highly reccommend it. Thanks!!!!!
Danny Sheikh, Atlanta Cars LLC, Atlanta, GA, www.atlantacars.org
What more could you want in a photo gallery script? It’s ridiculously simple to install and integrate. It works great. And the support is top notch. Highly, highly recommended!!!
Nathan Ingram, Brilliant New Media, LLC, Birmingham, AL
Great script for a nice price. And above all good support. I used this script allready in two sites: www.eliendewinter.be and www.modeshow.biz.
Jo, Belgium
The locator script worked great right out of the box. But I needed it to do a little more. Guys were very helpful and got it to do exactly what I needed!
Sam C., USA
Awesome script… easy install and admin. Thanks!
A++ I paid for custom code for someone eles and it never worked right. I found this Had them change a few things for me that only took them a few days. Best gallery I have seen. Love it
Joshua J Ray
I like the AZ Photo Gallery Script Lite i took it and added lightbox functions to it and made it pull the images without any coding. and made my own admin panel so i can add images to it. i left the link to all the code. very nice. if you would like me to share the code.. let me know…
scot, USA, http://nalan.org/gallery.php
It’s a very nice script ( Gallery ) This is what i want since 3 years ago Thank you
I would like to thank php4script for helping me and the hereford ffa. They went out of there way to make shure we got the Most out of are photo gallery. I am 100% positive about the gallery and all of php4script.com”s work. They helped me change the script around to work on my server. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Thank you from everyone at herefordffa.com
Travis Bull, Hereford FFA, Parkton maryland (hereford zone), http://herefordffa.com
First off I like to commend customer services for responding to my emails. I had trouble installing the script because I don’t have a lot of knowwledge servers, databases, etc. I send an email to support and they offered to install the gallery for me. Now that is great customer service and I will continue to purchase their product for future projects. In addition the gallery is easy to manage and style to fit your site…Check mine out: http://www.gbfpc.org/gallery
Christian Lopez, Dise?o Lopez, Los Angeles, California, http://www.disenolopez.com
I looooove it! Would definitely recommend it, really easy to use, you cannot go wrong, the batch upload is awesome along with the mass edit. Just what I was looking for and very inexpensive too, thanks a lot guys! 😀
Michael Norris, T-Shirts In Winter, Colchester, UK, http://www.t-shirtsinwinter.co.uk
I’m so happy I found this product. I will definitly will recommend this to everyone.
A.T., Ontario, Canada
The script was great and the support was the best and fastest that i ever experieced with product support. They assisted me in every way possible after i bought the product.
Chris, Top Class Designs, Miami, FL
After looking for some time and developing my own (far inferior) image gallery in PHP, I can say that I am thrilled that I found your script – what a bargain, and great support as well. Thanks very much.
Nick, CIAI
Great Companies like <?PHPforScript are hard to find this days. They offer the best solution script for your money, and when it comes to technical support, “Guys is the Best”. I will definitely keep using this product as much as I can. Keep up the Excellent Script!
Alejandro Galaviz, Santa Cruz, CA U.S.A
As a web designer a need to be able to rely on good quality scripts. PHP4scripts gallery is one of the nicest I have used and their customer services is second to none. I will be using them in the future and can highly recommend them!
Doug Banks, Pixel Design Studio, Sussex UK, http://www.pixeldesignstudio.co.uk
Great script – super easy to manage. Excellent support (thanks guys!). I needed just a little assistance with part of the installation, and your online help was prompt and easy to understand. This is exactly what I was looking for!
Sue V., The Art Dept, Graphics & Web Design, Indiana, USA
Thanks for your product. I’m using FREE version and it’s enough for me. I’m wonderful because It’s very simple and easy to edited scripts. It’s supported my Vietnamese language and I’m very happy about that. It’s very nice product! Thanks again.
HungLan, VietNam
the script is so helpful and easy to work with, and the best of all, that you will find a direct fast answer about your questions from the support team. we are glad working with you. wish you luck go on
Muzna, Opera, www.opera-esc.com
I was skeptical for about three minutes, but your online tech support made it all very simple, even elegant. I’m finding I get attractive thumbnails in just moments. This is way worth $25 (but $25 is the right price.)
James Kiehle, Modern Mistress
I had been looking around for a photo gallery for a long time, nothing ever seemed to be quit what i was looking for.. Then i stumbled across this script, and it was exactly what i was searching for. The tech help is amazing, i’ll ask a question and get response minutes later. they helped me set up my service, and when i requested on the fly water marking, they added the feature only weeks after i requested it..
Been looking for years for the perfect gallery for my needs. Coppermine didn’t fit the bill, Gallery 1.x was OK, ver.2.x doesn’t impress me at all. But AZ Photo Album Script here fit the bill! When I needed guidance with some modifications to do exactly what I wanted, I received prompt and courteous help, via chat and email. Try that with the ‘big freebie’ forum scripts! I like it so much, I bought it for a second domain of mine. Great job Guys 🙂
Tom Clavel, Washington State, USA, odessachamber.net
AZ Photo Album is a fine product and the service is excellent. I want to take this opportunity to thank Support Team for his delicated assistance to help setting up the gallery
Tee G. Peng, Lotus Seeds Design, Malaysia
After literally hours of searching for a script that met my requirements, I found this one. It enables you to use exactly the same script in any folder of images. This has saved me hours of coding time and just as importantly will save me hours in maintenance time – and times money. I am completely new to PHP, but this does what it says on the tin and does not require any setup time at all. The look and feel can easily be changed by CSS, it is EXCELLENT!
Gary Cot
Fantastic product, the most smartly designed and implemented solution possible. Had a few problems setting up, which were mainly due to my host, but Tech Support quickly and accurately directed me to the answer. Thanks to php4script.com team, they’ve done a fantastic job!
Aden T, Freedom Adventure Treks, Australia
Very nice product. Easy to customize and integrate into existing website. Support was great too!
Steve Elliott, Elliottbrand Web Designs, USA
Completely agree with Gary Cot 🙂 Just bought Gallery, had a few minor problems installing. Tech Support was great and followed up until every thing testing OK. Great service that listens and realy cares about customers. I tested before buying a bunch of other products out there. AZ Photo Album is definitly the best, not to sofisticated as others, more complete than others, a real best value. Definitely a must by those interested in AZ Photo Album management. Thanks -= Guy =-
Guy de LEVIS, Miami & Monaco
I’ve been looking everywhere on the net for a script that applied to my (high) standards. I finally found this site, after having tested the demo version, I bought the script and installed it on my website. The support of this script is great! After an hour a small issue I had was fixed for me! I’m not an PHP expert and saved me a lot of time and headache. This script is defintly worth it’s $25 (20 euros)!. Keep up the good work!
A. W. Raeven, Amsterdam, Netherlands, http://www.raeven.nl
I want to say that I love your script it’s dead simple to use for PHP n00bs like myself, congratulations on making a great script.
Charly Gress, USA