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AZ Photo Album Script Pro
A powerful, easy configurable PHP/MySQL photo album (photo gallery) script.
Allows easy to publish / manage the photos online.

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  • Categorization allows you to easily create Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Multiple Images Adding - adding a lot of images in one click (AJAX)
  • Mass Image Adding - FTP uploading to help you speed up photos adding
  • Automatic Resize - thumbnail/preview images generation
  • Drag-n-Drop Sorting allows quickly change the order of images
  • Comments System - allows visitors to leave a comments for images
  • Image Rating - allows visitors to rate images
  • Slideshow
  • Mass Changes - rotating, moving, sorting, deleting
  • Watermark Support
  • Search Feature - alows visitors to easily find images
  • Global Gallery Protection - allows you to protect gallery by setting password
  • Photo Suggestion - allows visitors to upload their images
  • Skins Support - easy template system to make your own custom skins
  • Gallery Display Properties - allows you to configure look of gallery
  • Online Installer allows you to fast and easily install the gallery
  • Admin Area - password protect intuitive easy management system
  • Open Source - source code is open and available for modification
  • Free Installation
  • Free Upgrades
  • Fit easily into your web design
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Front End | Administrator Back-End


default   •  #201   •  AD Gallery   •  Galleriffic


Front-End Look (click image to enlarge)
Galleries View Thumbnails View Image View Photo Suggestion

Back-End Look (click image to enlarge)
Manage Galleries Manage Images Drag & Drop Sorting Configuration

Some Websites recently running our Gallery Script

Our Gallery Script was installed by thousands of customers world-wide. Here is a sample of our customer's websites


  • PHP 4.2 or above (GD 2.0 or higher)
  • MySQL
Click here to check your server configuration

Fit easily into your web design

There are 3 ways to easily integrate the gallery script into your website design.
You can use ANY which is easier for you.
  1. HTML - simple add your HTML header and footer by editing HTML template.
  2. PHP include() - Just add one line of PHP code to your website
  3. PHP integration - allows you to integrate gallery into any CMS system. Code example:
    // gallery module include here at the top of the file
    include "azcms/config.php";
    include GAZ_DIR_FS_ROOT . "includes/init.php";
    include GAZ_DIR_FS_ROOT . "includes/classes/azcms_gallery.php";
    $gaz_gallery = new azcms_gallery();
    echo $gaz_gallery->show(); // gallery call 


I lost my license key. How can I get it?
Click the link below and enter your domain name you purchased license for

I purchased the script but not received any email. How can I dwonload the script?
You can download the script from the Get My License page

I already have your old version. Can I download new one and upgrade?
Yes. You can download the new version from the Get My License page. After new version installed you can import all galleries/images from the old version. Read upgrade.txt in the new version.

Is it possible to open a gallery with a specified Category showing its thumbnails by default?

Open the azcms/gallery.php file and the line



$gaz_gallery = new azcms_gallery();

Where X is group ID you can find it in the gallery admin area in the groups listing

Suggesting a new feature

Please use the form below to share your suggestions, ideas, and feature requests.
We will read your suggestion and keep your feedback in mind as we work to improve our scripts.