AZ Photo Album

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A powerful, easy configurable PHP/MySQL photo album (photo gallery) script.
Allows easy to publish / manage the photos online.



  • Categorization allows you to easily create Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Multiple Images Adding – adding a lot of images in one click (AJAX)
  • Mass Image Adding – FTP uploading to help you speed up photos adding
  • Automatic Resize – thumbnail/preview images generation
  • Drag-n-Drop Sorting allows quickly change the order of images
  • Comments System – allows visitors to leave a comments for images
  • Image Rating – allows visitors to rate images
  • Slideshow
  • Mass Changes – rotating, moving, sorting, deleting
  • Watermark Support
  • Search Feature – alows visitors to easily find images
  • Global Gallery Protection – allows you to protect gallery by setting password
  • Photo Suggestion – allows visitors to upload their images
  • Skins Support – easy template system to make your own custom skins
  • Gallery Display Properties – allows you to configure look of gallery
  • Online Installer allows you to fast and easily install the gallery
  • Admin Area – password protect intuitive easy management system
  • Open Source – source code is open and available for modification
  • Free Installation
  • Free Upgrades
  • Fit easily into your web design

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Front End | Administrator Back-End


default   •  #201   •  AD Gallery   •  Galleriffic


Front-End Look (click image to enlarge)
Back-End Look (click image to enlarge)


Some Websites recently running our Gallery Script

Our Gallery Script was installed by thousands of customers world-wide. Here is a sample of our customer’s websites 


  • PHP 4.2 or above (GD 2.0 or higher)
  • MySQL

Click here to check your server configuration 

Fit easily into your web design

There are 3 ways to easily integrate the gallery script into your website design.
You can use ANY which is easier for you.

  1. HTML – simple add your HTML header and footer by editing HTML template.
  2. PHP include() – Just add one line of PHP code to your website
  3. PHP integration – allows you to integrate gallery into any CMS system. Code example: 
    // gallery module include here at the top of the file
    include "azcms/config.php";
    include GAZ_DIR_FS_ROOT . "includes/init.php";
    include GAZ_DIR_FS_ROOT . "includes/classes/azcms_gallery.php";
    $gaz_gallery = new azcms_gallery();
    echo $gaz_gallery->show(); // gallery call 


I lost my license key. How can I get it?
Click the link below and enter your domain name you purchased license for

I purchased the script but not received any email. How can I dwonload the script?
You can download the script from the Get My License page

I already have your old version. Can I download new one and upgrade?
Yes. You can download the new version from the Get My License page. After new version installed you can import all galleries/images from the old version. Read upgrade.txt in the new version.

Is it possible to open a gallery with a specified Category showing its thumbnails by default?

Open the azcms/gallery.php file and the line 



$gaz_gallery = new azcms_gallery();

Where X is group ID you can find it in the gallery admin area in the groups listing

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